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having a symmetrical arrangement of radiating parts about a central point

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2, it can be seen that the absolute values of unit response R are centrosymmetric.
In the present paper, we restrict ourselves to centrosymmetric T + H Bezoutians whose inverses are centrosymmetric T + H matrices.
Wang, Bisymmetric and centrosymmetric solutions to systems of real quaternion matrix equations, Comput.
t], defined as its weight in a weak centrosymmetric gravitational field (2), can be expressed as
Dai, An efficient algorithm for the generalized centrosymmetric solution of matrix equation AXB = C, Numer.
1976) Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of symmetric centrosymmetric matrices, Linear Algebra Appl.
n] is also symmetric and centrosymmetric, although not necessarily Toeplitz, we have
n,j] denotes the number of centrosymmetric involutions on [n] with j ascents (and hence n - 1 - j descents).
Two model examples--hexamethylbenzene, a centrosymmetric crystal with both covalent and Van der Waals bonds, and anhydrous alum, a nocentrosymmetric structure typical of ceramics and metals--are chosen as model crystals and used to explain symmetry, point groups, space groups, Bravais lattices, reciprocal lattices, and diffraction maxima.
1981) and Rodellas and Garcia-Blanco (1983) determined that the crystals are hexagonal and centrosymmetric, with space group [P6.
Consequently, the sample is centrosymmetric, and no birefringence or phase grating can exist.
His team synthesized a set of dyes, containing a central "squaraine" core, that have entirely centrosymmetric structures.
Secondly, we exploit the centrosymmetric property between the forward derivation and backward derivation proposed in [8] to derive another approximated forward MAAR coefficient set to predict [B.
In the intermolecular face-to-face p-p stacking pattern of the title compound, it is worth mention that the two molecules of each stacking unit are centrosymmetric, which can be proved by the relative position of the two thiazole rings of the two molecules: the centroid separation of them is 3.
Centrosymmetric matrices, their basic properties, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors, Amer.