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having a symmetrical arrangement of radiating parts about a central point

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In the present paper, we restrict ourselves to centrosymmetric T + H Bezoutians whose inverses are centrosymmetric T + H matrices.
Thus, given a nonsingular, centrosymmetric T + H Bezoutian B, our aim is to compute the Toeplitz and Hankel parameters {[a.
t], defined as its weight in a weak centrosymmetric gravitational field (2), can be expressed as
where we introduce passive gravitational mass operator of an electron to be proportional to its weight operator in a weak centrosymmetric gravitational field (2),
Dai, An efficient algorithm for the generalized centrosymmetric solution of matrix equation AXB = C, Numer.
Wang, Bisymmetric and centrosymmetric solutions to systems of real quaternion matrix equations, Comput.
1976) Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of symmetric centrosymmetric matrices, Linear Algebra Appl.
The molecules of the parent compound form centrosymmetric dimers through a self-complementary acid-acid hydrogenbond motif, rather than formation of the dominating C-H .
We believe this discovery of the importance of disorderprovides a sufficient condition for the triboluminescence of other centrosymmetric crystals,' the researchers conclude, "and that the triboluminescence of other fluorescent materials is excited by light generated by a gas discharge.
1, then the iterative solution is the generalized centrosymmetric solution.
Extinction symbol I1a1 is consistent with space groups 1a and 12/a, and in the case of DFQP, the molecule is centrosymmetric and the correct space group is 12/a.
Andrew, Solution of equations involving centrosymmetric matrices, Technometrics, 15(1973), 405-407.
In this series of experiments it was shown that the azide ions are linear and centrosymmetric and that their thermal vibrations could be treated as rigid body motions.
Keywords Centrosymmetric matrix, eigenvalue, inverse problem.
A centrosymmetric matrix of a real symmetric is called an SC matrix.