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having a symmetrical arrangement of radiating parts about a central point

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van Driel, "Second- and third-harmonic generation from cubic centrosymmetric crystals with vicinal faces: phenomenological theory and experiment," Journal of the Optical Society of America B, vol.
It is worth noting that both the spatial steering vector [a.sub.s]([[mu].sub.p]) and temporal steering vector vp) are conjugate centrosymmetric.
Since the shape of "disk" structure element is strictly centrosymmetric in the 2D plane, the area replenished by using "disk" structure element should be larger than the areas replenished by using other structure elements when the scales of elements are identical.
It can be seen from Figures 7(a)-7(e) that the rest of conventional analysis indexes exhibit axially symmetrical distributions with the central line of the roadway except for the centrosymmetric distribution of the shear stresses [[tau].sub.xy] with the roadway center being the symmetry center.
1, it can be seen that the 2D Gabor filter is centrosymmetric when [phi] = 0 and the filter is anti-centrosymmetric when [phi] = [pi]/2.
Here, we will use these results for the inversion of a centrosymmetric Toeplitz-plus-Hankel Bezoutian (shortly, T + H Bezoutian).
The theory of second harmonic generation (SHG) in three-dimensional structures consisting of arbitrary distributions of metallic spheres made of centrosymmetric materials is developed by means of multiple scattering of electromagnetic multipole fields [27].
The origin of light emission is not piezoelectricity as Mg[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] has a centrosymmetric structure (Fd3m).
The endohedral atom was placed at the centrosymmetric position inside the cage and the structure was allowed to relax.
A map on the projective plane is the antipodal quotient of a centrosymmetric spherical map, that is, its vertices, edges, and faces are obtained by identifying antipodal vertices, edges, and faces of the centrosymmetric spherical map.
The solutions X to the linear matrix equation with special structures have been widely studied, for example, symmetric solutions (see [1-5]), R-symmetric solutions (see [6]), (R, S)-symmetric solutions (see [7, 8]), bisymmetric solutions (see [9-12]), centrosymmetric solutions (see [13]), and other general solutions (see [14-23]).
Bai, The inverse eigenproblem of centrosymmetric matrices with a sub-matrix constraint and its approximation, SIAM J.
(1957) demonstrated piezoelectric properties of the bone, due not to hydroxyapatite crystals which are not centrosymmetric, so they do not have such properties, but to collagen fibres.
Considering the invariance of [AGF.sup.TR] about the operation [[PHI].sub.R] [right arrow] -[[PHI].sub.R], the 3dB stable areas will be about equivalent to the ranges of two centrosymmetric octants in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate.