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small region of cytoplasm adjacent to the nucleus


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73) It can be colocalized with PC-1 on the primary cilium or in the centrosome but can also function singly or by interacting with other potential partners in the ER.
Cellular infrared detector appears to be contained in the centrosome.
The sperm centrosome has specific regulatory proteins centrin, pericentrin, gamma tubulin, associated with disulphide bonds, sulfhydril and phosphates among other molecules.
The p80 subunit directs katanin to the centrosome in animal cells, the site of microtubule organization.
23) An important observation advanced by the Simerly team is that--unlike cloned embryos generated from mice, cattle, and other domestic species--primate embryos require the sperm's centrosome and the egg's meiotic spindle-chromosome complex for successful embryological development--ironically, the only two structures made absent by SCNT.
Nucleophosmin/1323 is a target of CDK2/cyclin E in centrosome duplication.
Washington, Jan 6 (ANI): A tiny, freshwater flatworm found in ponds and rivers around the world is the first animal ever discovered without a crucial structure inside its cells known as the centrosome, according to a new study.
Besides microtubules, microfilaments are other important cytoskeletal components that play important roles in many meiotic maturation systems (Sun and Schatten, 2006), primarily through cortically mediated events, including centrosome localization, spindle movement to the periphery, activation of constriction, and establishment of oocyte polarity (Calarco, 2005).
Centrosome is the microtubule organizing centre (MTOC) paternally inherited by oocyte during fertilization.
1999) and a portion of the ID1 localizes to centrosomes, causing abnormal centrosome number (Hasskarl et al.
Interestingly, however, HYLS1 is dispensable for centriole assembly and centrosome function during cell division.
Fry looked at a particular structure that lies at the heart of each and every cell, called the centrosome (standing for "central body"), and how centrosome defects contribute to cancer progression.
This control can be disrupted by interfering with DNA repair, kinetochore assembly, checkpoints, centrosome duplication, microtubule dynamics and numerous other cellular maintenance processes (42).
Their topics include initiating DNA replication, separase regulation, the centrosome, and a mechanism coupling cell division and the control of apoptosis.