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a specialized condensed region of each chromosome that appears during mitosis where the chromatids are held together to form an X shape

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Possible reasons for the discrepancies between CISH and SNP array could be aberrations to the regional areas of chromosome 3, which would not be detected by the centromeric probe used in this study, or a result of tumor heterogeneity with differing subclones or a population of normal cells on the imprint sample.
We detected a highly significant locus in the centromeric region on chromosome 2 that explained a large portion of the phenotypic variability for CGA.
C-banding of metaphase and meiotic chromosomes from Peromyscus reveals that the pseudoautosomal heterochromatin is consistently lighter staining than autosomal and centromeric heterochromatin (Robbins and Baker, 1981; Hale and Greenbaum, 1986; Sudman and Greenbaum, 1990; Hale et al.
Pattern Pattern 1 Separated NT 2 Separated NT 3 Separated NT 4 Separated NT 5 [greater than Increased or equal to] (mode = 6) 10 Signals, no clustering (mode = 5) 6 [greater than Normal or equal to] 8 Clustered signals (mode = 4) 7 Normal NT 8 [greater than Normal or equal to] 8 Clustered signals (mode = 6) 9 [greater than Normal or equal to] 8 Clustered signals (mode = 6) 10 Separated NT 11 Normal NT Abbreviations: CEP3, centromeric probe for chromosome 3;FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization;NLPHL, nodular lymphocyte -predominant Hodgkin lymphoma; NT, not tested.
The mean values and standard deviations of the total lengths, relative lengths and centromeric index were estimated from chromosome arm lengths using image analysis (Table 1).
istlanum from the Amacuzac river (Morelos) and the Huamito river (Michoacan) Morelos population Michoacan population Chromosome Relative Centromeric Relative pairs [+ o -] standard index (1) [+ o -] standard length deviation length deviation 1 58.
Heterochromatic regions in the centromeric and paracentromeric parts of some chromosomes (1, 9, and 16), and the short arms of the acrocentric chromosomes were not included in the analysis because of suppression of Cot-1 DNA in these regions.
In addition to the centromeric band, a large interstitial band is located near the centromere on the long arm.
3,7) The original US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved interpretation criteria for HER2 testing were used for patient enrollment into prospective randomized adjuvant trials of trastuzumab and considered positive a score of IHC 3+, defined as complete intense membrane staining of more than 10% of tumor cells, and a HER2/neu gene to chromosome 17 centromeric region (HER2/neu/CEN17) ratio of at least 2.
The GRHPR gene maps to the centromeric region of chromosome 9 (4) and, from Northern blot analysis (5), is ubiquitously expressed, although the bulk of enzyme activity is found in the liver (3, 5).
Repeat structure has not been further characterized, except for description of a centromeric repeat (Clabby et al.
46 [micro]m (Table 1) without a nucleolar organizer region (NOR) is submetacentric; it has a terminal band and an interstitial band on the short arm; in addition to the centromeric band, a large interstitial band is located near the centromere on the long arm.
Dual-color FISH analysis was performed with a Spectrum Green-labeled chromosome 9 centromeric probe and a Spectrum Orange-labeled, locus-specific CDKN2A (p16) probe (Vysis, Downers Grove, Illinois).
The relative length of chromosomes 1 to 18 was not different between the species, but 5 of their chromosomes (numbers 4, 7, 9, 11, & 18) were significantly different in relative lengths of short and long arm and in centromeric index, differences that can be explained by pericentric inversions.