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Cell wall in the bolder grains (left) reveals an elaborate presence of macro-fibrils which were oriented centripetally around a longitudinal axis, had relatively more thickness (average of 1.
The sequence of thirteen haiku-like poems is centripetally connected by the motif of the blackbird (or should we understand this as the black bird, the melodious songbird that can also be thought of as a disturbing figuration of death and mortality?
The forces of authority acted centripetally against these centrifugal tendencies, rendering the dispersed, fragmentary, unstable, and plural text into something fairly singular and for which the writer was held responsible in law.
Proceeding centripetally, these layers are (1) the rhabdomeric layer, (2) the subrhabdomeric layer, (3) the inner segmental layer, and (4) the plexiform layer (Plate 1).
As we shall see, every episode in this letter seems to move centripetally to "The Witch," tucked gently in the very middle.
In graffiti, in particular, the layered-and-ruptured-flow grows out of the juxtaposition of a sweeping, curving script flipped by sudden breaks in the line alongside sharply angular letters tilted in "lean back" italics, with double and triple shadowing strobing the effect as an energy-riddle: a signified simultaneity of forces at once moving forward and backward, up and down, while exploding centripetally.
We concur with Mora-Osejo (1987) that the massive perigonial primordium results from congenital fusion of individual "perigonial" primordia, from which the individual perianth "hairs" originate centripetally in consecutive whorls (Vrijdaghs et al.
The problem of an approach from a single perspective is that it denies the fact that writing may move both centrifugally and centripetally.
Anatomical studies have shown that there is significant variation in the vascular supply of the optic nerve (2), and while the anterior portion receives blood centripetally from the pial supply and centrifugally from the central retinal artery, in the majority of individuals the posterior portion relies solely upon the pial vasculature.
Extending beyond governmentally sanctioned tribal membership, blood quantum determinations, racial identification, mythic romanticizations of one ancestry over another (be that Native American, Euroamerican, or African American), definitions of just what constitutes America, the United States, and the South demand interrogations that will defamiliarize our understandings of "the South" and "the Southerner" into the broader colonial and global contexts that centripetally reorient indigeneity.
It is as if Vivian has been expelled from her own locus of becoming, as if time stopped and now it pours itself violently, backward, inward, and centripetally toward a immobile center.
It included an industry of large flakes, some made with the centripetally prepared Levallois technique.
Through the discussion above, the "traditional" definition of passive (that a marked verbal morphology and a ease alternation describe an event centripetally from the viewpoint of the patient) will be modified to a more universal treatment of the voice category.