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the inward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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It appears that the radius profile of the path of the hands plays an important role in controlling the trajectory of the bat through control of the centripetal forces of the bat coordinated with the interaction forces and torques from the batter as has been noted in other sports (Nesbit and McGinnis, 2009).
One effect of this effort against becoming too similar, given the centripetal forces of structural convergence, is the tendency toward a greater racialization of (and through) religious practice.
Modernism resounded in education through the triumph of centripetal forces.
The essays examine the centrifugal and centripetal forces style exerts on our understanding of language and its composition.
As they focused on keeping the aircraft level, the spin rate accelerated, increasing the centripetal forces on the crew.
A simple relationship can then be developed between the magnetic and centripetal forces Fc:
Whereas rear-wheel steered vehicles under the same circumstances will cause the steering angre of the wheels to be increased to the maximum that the steering system will allow (unstable) due to centripetal forces acting on the force-moment created by the trail of the wheel contact point behind the wheel-steering axis intersect with the ground
Sinhala nationalism or centripetal forces have been the determining forces in Sri Lanka particularly after independence until they came to a breaking point in the eighties resisted by Tamil nationalism with violence.
Embattled nations enjoy substantial centripetal forces.
The economic centripetal forces of a common market and a common currency have turned into centrifugal by the first major economic crisis that the eurozone encountered.
In his exposition of Newton's method, Harper traces the steps by which Newton argued from the phenomenon of orbital motion to centripetal forces and then to universal gravity.
The authors tip their hats to these influential scholars and draw from their research, but they also note the limitations in the dominant paradigm in capturing other phenomenon, including the centripetal forces of internal fragmentation.
Worth talking away is the concept of bilingualista as centrifugal and centripetal forces at work in each writer's narrative style.
It is clear by now that there are two centripetal forces at work on the Eurasian Continent.
The policy area that keeps imperial elites perpetually on their toes is what the authors call the "politics of difference": diverse populations and native elites require a constant reconfiguration of imperial power, and different empires have reacted differently to these challenges--by using coercion, the attractions of imperial ideologies, or other sources of power to battle centripetal forces.