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one of a pair of small cylindrical cell organelles near the nucleus in animal cells

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Centrosome organization and centriole architecture: their sensitivity to divalent cations.
1-[micro]m long and originates from the basal body, which is formed by the single centriole.
Keywords: Spider sperm ultrastructure, nucleus, implantation fossa, centriole, secretion
6) The centriolar region in the initial stage of spermatid differentiation showing the nucleus (N), the centriolar adjunct material (ca), and the centriole (c).
gamma]-Tubulin in land plants has been released from a tight association with centrioles that is typical of animal and algal cells.
1994), and humans (Sathananthan, 1997) do not contain centrioles in meiotic centrosomes and do not display astral microtubule arrays.
Centrin is a Conserved Protein that Forms Diverse Associations with Centrioles and MTOCs in Naegleria and Other Organisms [Review].
Centrioles have been traced in all stages of pre-implantation embryogenesis and also in embryonic stem cells and the sperm centriole is undoubtedly the precursor of centrioles in all foetal and adult somatic cells (2,6).
In spermatozoa, the nucleus is ovoid, the acrosome is round and the centriole is surrounded by four mitochondria, unlike other bivalves, like Anadara tuberculosa, in which the nucleus is reported to be round, the acrosome is pyramidal and there are five mitochondria.
From the ontology in Figure 3, a scientist can pose a search for information on "cellular components" rather than having to search for "mitochondrion & nucleus & telomere & cytoplasm & lysosome & centriole.
The mechanisms governing centriole formation constitute a long-standing question in cell biology.
Growth of renal cilia is templated from a basal body/ centriole structure anchored just beneath the plasma membrane.
In approximately half the channels, [gamma]-tubulin was associated with the centrioles that serve as the microtubule organi zing center for the spindle apparatus.
This approach has addressed the following aspects of mitosis and cytokinesis: the movement of centrioles to the poles, the movement of chromosomes to the equatorial plate, the alignment of chromosomes at the plate, the movement of chromosomes during anaphase, and rounding up and elongation of cells.