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rotate at very high speed in order to separate the liquids from the solids


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Apparently from table I data, from the received 326,81 1 of a mix on the average 147,965 1 centrifugate and 178,845 1 of ballast proteins that was 45,3 % and 54,7 % are received.
Similar not authentic distinctions on an outcome of ballast proteins and centrifugate, are noted in serum of the blood, received from donor mares of different age and in various terms of a pregnancy.
Prussian blue staining of broncho-alveolar lavage centrifugate confirmed the presence of hemosiderin laden macrophages.
It was isolated and washed with deionised water by centrifugation until no chloride was detected in the centrifugate by one drop of 0.
Corrections for the conductivity of the soil water remaining after centrifugation were made, assuming a similar conductivity as in the centrifugate.
Using standard centrifugation, the specimen is centrifuged, the supernatant removed, and a slide made from the buffy coat if RBCs or the concentrated cells of the centrifugate are present.
Considering the settlement of particles of the same size in a centrifugal field, the osmotic pressure between the fine particles of the same size causes a concentration gradient of particles through the centrifugate (Perrin 1923).