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Synonyms for centrifugal

tending to move away from a center


tending away from centralization, as of authority

conveying information to the muscles from the CNS


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The upstream oil and gas industry has had experience of using centrifugally cast pipes of various CRA for different applications like gathering lines, production manifolds, topside piping and spools.
The self-healing polyurethane gel membrane provides constant protection against small punctures and is centrifugally cast-balanced to ensure a smooth ride.
All incorporate metric, taper-roller bearings and the finest quality alloy steels for the worm-shafts with centrifugally cast, phosper bronze rims for the worm-wheels.
A lightweight hand-piece is driven by a variable speed power unit, which centrifugally controls three carbide stripping blades.
An air-driven water rinse is followed by two further rinses in cascading air-driven water before the springs are centrifugally dried.
The marrow is then enriched centrifugally before being injected into the recipient's bone.
The whole operation is drawn together round the central spiral stair, from which all the spaces spin off centrifugally.
The Bear Model 1767 Oil Extractor can be easily used by one person, has an adjustable timer, and uses balanced chip pans that spin to centrifugally remove the oil.
For over 40 years, Accord's Concrete Products division has been producing and distributing static cast poles and centrifugally spun concrete structures for use in commercial and residential applications and public works projects.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Isi Marked Centrifugally Cast(Spun) Ductile Iron (K-7 And K-9) Socket And Spigot Pressure Pipes For The Workimprovement Of Water Supply To Uncovered Areas Of Bhubaneswar (Amrut/Od/Bhubaneswar/Ws/87)
Hobas Pipe USA is supplying 2,500 feet of 96-inch and 1,100 feet of 48- to 72-inch centrifugally cast, fiberglass reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe.
MCC centrifugally casts steel mill sleeves used in the production of long products, as well as large gear blanks used in the power generation, metal, mining and construction equipment markets.
Lusciously tactile and surprisingly viscous, limited views (of ears, of limbs, of animals, even) fleetingly coalesce and centrifugally dissolve out from the works' centers.
Barrels can be provided according to customer application needs with corrosion and abrasion resistant centrifugally cast bimetallic liners, according to the company's two-page, four-color bulletin.
The 42- and 48-inch pipes consist of a centrifugally cast barrel and statically cast ball, bell, and retainer ring.