centrifugal pump

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a pump that use centrifugal force to discharge fluid into a pipe

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A novel experimental facility for measuring internal flow of Solid-liquid two-phase flow in a centrifugal pump by PIV, International Journal of Multiphase Flow 89: 226-276.
In a centrifugal pump, too many or too few number of blades may result in the interference of the flows inside the impeller.
On the basis of end-use, the centrifugal pump market has been segmented into,
While turbulent global economic conditions are likely to cause price wars and dampen sales, the demand for cost-effective, easy-to-install centrifugal pumps will balance out any fall in overall uptake, says a report
The following equations (1-3) show the relationships among rotational speed, flow rate, head and power values when variable speed drive is used for centrifugal pumps (Giribone et al.
In the example below, a typical 250,000 BPD crude oil pumping station in western Canada that uses three rotary PD screw pumps operating in parallel with one standby pump can actually reduce energy costs by 29% over a five-year period, versus the traditional approach of two centrifugal pumps with a standby pump.
On the MP 36 and MP 56 centrifugal pumps, a cast-iron impeller, cast-iron volute and ceramic-carbon mechanical seal make up the pump assembly.
Indirect TCU units are supplied with a vacuum leak-stop mode, constructed from the finest, non-ferrous components and equipped with a premium centrifugal pump at no additional cost, according to the literature.
PumPac angular contact ball bearing arrangements are suitable for centrifugal pump applications.
High-performance, vertical mounted centrifugal pump with flow rates from 30 to 80 gpm.
The capital return period for the new centrifugal pump purchase and installation, based on positive displacement pump rebuild costs only, can be as long as 4-5 years.
The Robert James Production brand is respected in the marketplace for its high quality products and quick delivery, and will complement our existing product offerings including our machined-from-bar-stock centrifugal pump.
The year 1818 was a landmark in the history of the centrifugal impeller, because commercial production of the centrifugal pump started in the United States at the Massachusetts Pump factory.
Tenders are invited for Supply of centrifugal pumps sets of 632 m x 300 cum/hr and centrifugal pump sets of 200 m x 4000 gpm with electricals