centrifugal pump

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a pump that use centrifugal force to discharge fluid into a pipe

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While turbulent global economic conditions are likely to cause price wars and dampen sales, the demand for cost-effective, easy-to-install centrifugal pumps will balance out any fall in overall uptake, says a report
In implementing the research and engineering application project, the Leo Group finally realized its goal of being able to locally produce high-end national defense and special-purpose industrial pumps in China, using a hydraulic design method and key technologies based on an innovative centrifugal pump flow numerical modeling and testing technology.
When the CA Series centrifugal pump is integrated with Micropump's new DC electromagnetic Eagle Drive[TM], it makes an ideal choice for OEM circulating and transfer applications requiring higher flows and lower differential pressures.
The following equations (1-3) show the relationships among rotational speed, flow rate, head and power values when variable speed drive is used for centrifugal pumps (Giribone et al.
These systems range from large, high-pressure 500-600 psi centrifugal pumps to combo centrifugal/plunger pumps with a dual output gear box to run one or the other pump.
The growth of low pressure centrifugal pump sales is surging at 15%, while the high pressure market is experiencing a more modest 5%.
The capital return period for the new centrifugal pump purchase and installation, based on positive displacement pump rebuild costs only, can be as long as 4-5 years.
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries account for about % of total centrifugal pump sales in the region.
This design has the important benefits of smooth, pulsation-free flows which can be controlled more precisely than a centrifugal pump.
A high-performance centrifugal pump combines with a versatile plunger pump to reduce pressure-up and fill time.
The Dri-Prime 4-inch CD103M automatic priming centrifugal pump is a highly maneuverable portable trash pump with flow capabilities to 1,000 gpm, heads to 170 feet and solids handling to 3 inches in diameter.
High-performance, vertical mounted centrifugal pump with flow rates from 30 to 80 gpm.
The Robert James Production brand is respected in the marketplace for its high quality products and quick delivery, and will complement our existing product offerings including our machined-from-bar-stock centrifugal pump.
These advantages, says Pearson, have been applied to pump impellers and pump cases used in the company's proprietary centrifugal pump line.