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Synonyms for centrical

having or situated at or near a center


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44) Another project was the construction of 'a centrical [sic] and commodious place in the Town of Sydney for holding the Public Market'.
It was further declared that "the centrical Site of the Premises in the Town, may render them eligible to a Merchant, Factor, or Manufacturer, or to a Broker, Pawnbroker".
This included bringing in a new 460-volt, three-phase electrical service; a new water service and pumping system; and a 650-ton centrical chiller with a 1,000-ton, state-of-the-art cooling tower.
Accounting separation between the pipeline business and the other parts of British Gas was introduced, and the company itself eventually chose, in 1997, to split itself into two separate legal entities, BG plc and Centrical However, from a regulatory perspective, the way the company was split was not ideal: the pipeline business was bundled together with most of the upstream exploration and production business (BG plc), while the downstream supply business was bundled together with the servicing company and the large Morecambe gas field (Centrica).