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having or situated at or near a center


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During the analysis of the condyle position in TMD, the centric position was found more often in group I--the gothic arch tracing method.
The functionally generated path (FGP) is a static representation of the opposing cusp's dynamic movement from a centric position to eccentric positions to achieve optimal articulation and occlusal harmony.
The basic objective is to achieve an occlusal scheme which will have a multiplicity of occlusal contacts in centric position. (6)
This initial symposium, according to Muhannad Baidhain, professor of human civilizations, is built on the centric position of the Kingdom in the context of its relations and communication with world civilizations.
Therefore a balanced occlusal scheme had to be sacrificed for an occlusion only in centric position, which was free from all lateral contacts in eccentric movements and also provided for freedom in centric position.