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Synonyms for centrepiece

Synonyms for centrepiece

the central or most important feature

something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)

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WHAT YOU'LL NEED To make the job easier, you can buy ready-made pine wreaths which will form the circular base for your candle centrepiece.
Whether you decide to make your own or buy one, choose a centrepiece that complements not only your Christmas colours but the room in which it will be placed.
Varieties like 'Paula Jane' or 'Patio Princess' make an ideal centrepiece, with their purple and mauve bell-like flowers and trailing green foliage.
Guest bathroom The bathroom was a bit of a centrepiece in the house - it's light and luxurious and we all loved using it.
The new National Stadium was also meant to have been the centrepiece of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
It will eventually be the centrepiece of the new International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC).
Centrepiece Jewellery will be setting up the display in Birmingham city centre running from November 19 to December 23.
SCULPTOR Antony Gormley's famous work, Field for the British Isles, has gone on display as the centrepiece at a contemporary art exhibition.
ST George slays the dragon in a solid silver centrepiece going on display tomorrow at Hillsborough Castle.
A free-standing restaurant, tube-like in shape and clad with Tecu-Patina pre-patinated copper sheets, forms the centrepiece in the main hall of the 'Marketplace for Furnishings', a six-storey furniture centre in Amsterdam.
A FLAMING pigeon structure looked stunning against the night sky as the centrepiece of a village's annual bonfire display.
uk THIS smart holder showcases 12 small tea lights and would be perfect as a table centrepiece to create a warm glow that will transform your festive table.
You can make a stunning centrepiece by putting pieces of fresh pine trimmings from the tree into a large decorative bowl with red and gold ball ornaments on top and place it on a table or in the fireplace.
Gem of an idea BIRMINGHAM jewellery co-operative Centrepiece has opened an online store.
A family fun day at the Woodhorn Museum and Archives Centre in Ashington is the centrepiece of the county's Miners' Picnic, which dates back to 1867 but whose format has been much changed in recent years.