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a retractable fin keel used on sailboats to prevent drifting to leeward

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She still has the retractable daggerboards that were fitted for the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart, but now has another retractable centreboard on the centerline, three metres aft of the bow.
The boats seem to like being sailed quite free so pulling up some centreboard as an early stage of depowering works well and helps promote the boat to start planning earlier upwind.
The scents of the sea to me are those of turpentine and varnish and coffee wafting up from the galley and mahogany peeling in long curls as you plane down a new centreboard.
This year some 240 boats took part, with strong support from most Hobart keelboat and centreboard clubs, as well as attracting trailable boats such as B14 skiffs, Sabres, Sabots and Castle 650s from northern clubs on the Tamar, Leven and Mersey Rivers.
Currently this pod houses the centreboard and rudder, but it will soon be fitted with foils not dissimilar to those used on hydrofoil Moths.
It is built of mahogany, has a small cabin, and a swinging/ rotating centreboard.
The sailboat that fit my budget back then was called an Atlanta--a yellow, 32-foot laminated plywood vessel that had twin centreboards that allowed you to bring them up and enter shallow water.
The super maxi has undergone significant hull surgery this year, which included the forward rudder being removed and replaced with twin retractable centreboards.
Wild Oats XI has had extensive hull surgery, with the forward rudder removed and replaced with twin retractable centreboards to improve both upwind and downwind speed.
It sees hundreds of craft, from centreboards, tall ships, keelers and sailing dinghies to a fleet of historic, restored classic vessels and the roaring vintage tugboats, all competing in their different classes for line honours in a full day of racing.