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the spread at the center of a magazine

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ca and our centre spread of highlights in this issue.
Mary was the only local newspaper reporter among the finalists and her article takes the centre spread in a supplement in today's Guardian newspaper.
The Platina centre spread over 2 floors with 50,000 sq ft of office space offers the same high quality standards along with a panoramic view of the city.
Or you can order a 12 x 9 inch glossy black and white print of our fantastic montage of pictures which forms the centre spread of ``Dixie's 60" for just pounds 12.
Also in March, we gave you two-page, centre spread coverage of the Northern Star Unity Cup hockey tournament that took place in North Bay.
On April 8, 1966, the centre spread of the Globe Magazine, an insert in the Globe and Mail daily, printed an article by Father Baum under a huge headline: "Catholics may use contraceptives now.
Jonathan is one of nine hunks baring all in the centre spread of the glossy magazine.
is a sprawling state-of-the-art Technical Centre spread over 60,000 sq.
Our centre spread looks at Cummins engineering and our big interview - for one week only - is on page 10
Look on the centre spread for E Dorsland's theatrical pose at the shot putt, for instance, or the somewhat stilted picture of Moldgreen Civic Youth Club basketball players on Page 6.
I'M reading a glowing centre spread in the Echo "Millions more sample capital's delights" (October 27) and I would call this a massive overstatement.
Full details of her campaign to get us mere mortals on the environmental trail is in the centre spread of our favourite celebrity glossy magazine.
It always had a nice centre spread on the showbands.
They have a four-page centre spread of news in the racecard every meeting, and the most recent initiative came from treasurer Steve Simmons, who rallied round his fellow local car dealers to each sponsor one of 15 greyhounds on the homing list.
The centre spread on vestments in (May 2003) reminded me of the title of a book that has stood on my shelves for half a century: Down Peacock's Feathers by D.
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