centre of gravity

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the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act

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When aircraft loads are not weighed, or when weight and balance are not properly calculated, the result can be an attempted take-off with the centre of gravity outside of the prescribed limit for the aircraft which increases the risk of control difficulties.
Many performers spend a lot of time working on their technique, sonority and tonguing while having a dim sensation of the more important elements such as weight sensation, balance point and the centre of gravity.
Hiking, climbing and activities that challenge one's centre of gravity such as dancing or involve balancing on one leg ( like tai chi) can also keep you steady on your feet.
Bejan and Jones cite past studies of the human body which found that on average, the centre of gravity is about three percent higher in blacks than whites.
In those days the aircraft's captain had to calculate his plane's centre of gravity himself.
As an engine is the heaviest component in any vehicle, the lower centre of gravity has a big effect on handling.
All the company is saying about the new engine is that it is a Boxer unit, just like the current crop of petrol engines, which makes it more compact and gives the vehicles a lower centre of gravity
As an engine is just about the heaviest component in any vehicle the lower centre of gravity has a significant effect on handling.
Its aim is to drag Europe's centre of gravity back from the East to the South, according to Martin Malvy, President of the Midi-Pyrenees.
The dialectometric base of the method is to constitute centres of gravity: by adding all x and y coordinates of the localities of an area and dividing both sums by the number of the localities one arrives at the coordinates of the centre of gravity of that area.
SEAT: troubles reflect shifting European centre of gravity
Large four-wheel-drive vehicles are twice as likely as other cars to roll over in crashes because of their higher centre of gravity, researchers have found.
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