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tending to draw to a central point

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By Web-enabling client/server applications, businesses reduce costs by centralizing operations and eliminating the need to install and support client software on end-user machines.
These tools and processes allow information-technology managers at medium to enterprise-scale organizations to control their network of desktops, servers, notebooks and mobile devices by centralizing and automating complex IT processes and allowing management of a heterogeneous IT environment from a single console.
more than 40 percent through centralizing billing, mindWireless extended its outsourcing contract to manage wireless billing and optimization services for more than 4,000 wireless devices across the U.
By enabling best practices in centralizing data, Sterling Commerce helps streamline BoCom's internal processes while optimizing how the company works with its external business community.
Ishared Exchange Services to accelerate Microsoft Exchange data while centralizing Exchange server resources;
Accessed via the new Command Center(TM) module, the CFI Suite integrates all file transfer activity inside and outside the enterprise, centralizing the security, control, administration, and auditability of all data transfers, from end-to-end, and across all platforms.
Grayek will discuss how enterprises can improve security by integrating and unifying security point solutions and centralizing the IT security management process.
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