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tending to draw to a central point

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Centralizing servers and consolidating data centers helps enterprises cut real estate, server, software license, power, WAN infrastructure and service costs.
We saw the value in centralizing our IT infrastructure, having previously moved our UNIX ERP system and data to the head office, so Citrix's access infrastructure was a logical next step for the company," noted Noyes.
For the voters of Idaho, ISVRS will increase customer service by standardizing and centralizing the registration process throughout the state to support online voter registration using a centralized repository.
ADC's latest offering uses a "build once, deploy many" model by centralizing product information and enabling it to communicate with back office components.
By eliminating multiple browsers and centralizing all our resources, we have saved valuable time and improved employee output.
By centralizing all of its information resources on MetaFrame Presentation Server, Central Parking has also enabled its IT staff to manage these resources more cost-effectively and deliver access to a steady stream of new users as the company expands.
Customers who are interested in centralizing their sales tax automation can purchase the Sabrix Use Tax Manager or Sabrix Global Tax Manager application and qualify for this special offer.
Appliance-based SAN solutions simplify the management structure by centralizing intelligence within the appliance rather than distributing it throughout the SAN.
He pointed out that EPA's scheme would, in effect, force centralizing testing programs on the states by mandating the use of new, untested, cost-prohibitive technology (up to $300,000 per installed unit).
The HP portfolio of remote client solutions help business customers dramatically reduce security risks, management and support costs by centralizing computing hardware and sensitive data within the data center.
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