terminal emulation

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(computer science) having a computer act exactly like a terminal

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The metallurgical test programs are being followed up with development of a process simulation and cost assessment model to evaluate and identify the key factors impacting the operating economics of a centralized processing plant.
It then sends the record to the AFPC Centralized Processing Center.
NASCO's flexible, cost-effective approach to health benefits processing through its centralized processing system offers solutions that give customers a competitive edge in the healthcare marketplace.
What was once a field of many small-to-medium-sized recycling centers has evolved into fewer, though larger, centralized processing facilities.
The Digital Mailroom provides a single point of entry and centralized processing for all input: paper mail, faxes, email and online communications streams.
One of the many companies to adopt the centralized processing environment is Quincy, Mass.
But thanks to the Internet and to modern technology; switching to a centralized processing system has become much more attractive, and businesses of all sizes can reap the financial rewards.
Centralized processing and marketing reduces the per ton cost of recycling, produces consistent products and provides incentives for marketing the processed materials.
Alogent has extended the capability of Sierra[R] Xchange[TM] and Sierra Xpedite[R] Remote Deposit[TM] to support centralized processing of back office conversion (BOC) as add-on functionality to its current ACH software capabilities.
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