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drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority

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EPN's Centralized OFAC Screening Service is a web-based solution that requires no custom software installation or individual maintenance.
Centralized services such as bibliographic utilities and union catalogs have long been an important focus of library cooperative efforts.
Encryption, bolstered by multiple levels of centralized network control based on the Windows NT security model, provides network-level security.
However, it failed to find sufficient integration between the Wisconsin steel and the Illinois food-packaging subsidiaries, which would have been evidenced by centralized departments that generate economies of scale and value for the corporate group members.
With Sony Sports Solutions you'll have easy access to all of Sony's professional products through one centralized point of contact.
The EPA claims, with some evidence, that decentralized programs are more open to corruption and fraud than centralized programs.
But with advances in centralized systems, it now takes only minutes to change the material being delivered to a press automatically and by remote control.
The HP Remote Client Solutions portfolio is composed of centralized hardware, such as the HP Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI) blade PC solution, and software components from HP and its partners that are engineered to deliver higher levels of data security, computing reliability and manageability.
The temporary solution was for the group to include these subsidiaries in a centralized reporting environment.
These centralized data protection solutions include replication, mirroring, snapshots, tiered storage and online backup.
To this point, I have described functional characteristics of a union catalog, independent of implementation; in theory, such a union catalog could be implemented by a single centralized database, a distributed database which is centrally administered, or by a user interface to a distributed search system which accepted user queries, derived and dispatched appropriate queries to multiple autonomously managed heterogeneous databases and then post-processed the results for presentation to users.
Under the agreement, LiveData and RCCS will develop and co-market new integration technology for centralized capacitor control software, which balances power distribution loads, protecting equipment, and lowering maintenance costs for utilities.
Today's centralized architectures require persistent connectivity.
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