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the act of consolidating power under a central control

gathering to a center

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Now consider horizontal centralization where, in effect, there is only one official decision maker in the formal sector choosing both bribes to maximize [[pi].
Optimized treasury solutions exist in effective, efficient technologies that help achieve financial transparency, control and centralization.
Administrators understand that centralization and standardization represent the best ways to deal with network growth and complexity.
Hence, it was proposed that organizational centralization would moderate the influence of team self-management on judgments of team effectiveness, such that teams with higher levels of self-management would be more effective under lower levels of centralization, and less effective under higher levels of centralization.
Centralization of procurement policies was followed by centralization of training, and in 1992 Defense Acquisition University (DAU) was formed.
As they saw it, one aspect of the ecological crisis occasioned by the centralization of network television was a psychic blockage--a kind of media tumor--in which information flowed in one direction only, from TV to viewer, leaving the spectator little if any means of responding in kind.
As Kasper fears centralization, Ratzinger fears fragmentation, for Orthodoxy and Protestantism, each in its own way, indicates the dangers of a one-sided localizing of Christianity.
The centralization of intelligence remains essential in any task force operation involving firearms trafficking.
Accordingly, his findings militate against the view that the Reformation initiated a process of confessionalization, whereby Protestants diverged radically from Catholic traditions, leading to increased codification, centralization, and ultimately, secularization.
This blurring of news and views is increasing, observe the authors, as media centralization and corporate downsizing accelerate.
One significant outcome of the IRS's efforts is the planned centralization of the issuance of retirement plan determination letters, which tell employers whether employee benefit plans meet the requirements of the tax law.
With respect to the issue of the CUP policies of centralization and Turkification, the majority opinion in the literature, including contributors to this collection, is that these policies spurred Arabist feelings.
The past two administrations were also notable for an erosion of First Amendment rights, for more government secrecy, censorship, and repression, and for an increasing centralization of power in the executive branch--in short, a drift toward authoritarianism and away from democratic ideals.
While these HMOs were found to vary somewhat in terms of emphasis on patient care versus costs, methods used to control costs and degrees of centralization of decision making, they all received high overall satisfaction and loyalty scores.
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