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the property of being central

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preprocessing of RS-fMRI, Functional connectome formation, Calculation of centrality measures, Feature Selection and Classification with leave-one out cross validation(LOOCV) which are explained in this section.
Nodes are scaled by total degree centrality, with higher centrality represented by larger diameter nodes.
In directional networks, such as a supply network where materials flow in one direction (from upstream to downstream), high centrality can be indicated by a large number of ties to others (degree centrality), links to other central nodes (eigenvector centrality), or a greater chance to sit on the shortest paths between pairs of other nodes (betweenness centrality) (Kim et ah, 2011).
Microsoft estimate a migration from XP to Windows 7 or 8 could take 18 - 32 months," said Centrality Managing Director, Mike Davies.
Studies have found that status-level centrality (the importance of fathering in general) is not associated with father behavior (Maurer, Pleck, & Rane, 2003; Rane & McBride, 2000), but that role-level centrality might be (Rane & McBride).
One measure that has often been used as an indicator of centrality and position within a network is positional power (Brass and Burkhardt 1993; Herings, van der Laan, and Talman 2005; Hickson et al.
2008) studied the moderating effect of work centrality on the relationship between workfamily conflict and employee attitudes.
If a country is at the core of the network, then its node degree centrality will be close to 1.
H0: Freeman Centrality has no effect on a direct link from a mainstream blog to an alternative blog.
The term zhong also had many meanings other than centrality or center in ancient China.
There is little agreement on the proper use of this centrality position in the network and also in which kind of network it is important to be embedded.
Network centrality refers to an individual's degree of access to others within the organization.
Centrality practiced; Jerusalem in the religious practice of Yehud and the diaspora during the Persian period.
It is the centrality of "Black pain" that motivated veteran activist Eric Mann to write a "letter to New Orleans.
Kristen Stromberg Childers examines "public manifestations" of fatherhood to underscore the centrality of gender to "issues of citizenship and nationhood in early twentieth-century France" (11 and 44).