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the political policy of concentrating power in a central organization

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Stringham acutely notes the isomorphism between legal centralism and central planning, remarking, "Just as the central planner assumes that without property rights, prices, profits, and markets the government can engage in rational economic calculation, the legal centralist assumes that government, a monopolist legal and regulatory system, can effectively weigh the effects of each rule to prevent problems in markets" (p.
The ruling Centralists (now represented by NW government) can only hope to invest oil returns for their plans and programs (not including the war) if they are on good terms with the oil regions and peoples.
With impatient, absurd, and unpolished words, he asked the NDA to cleanse itself from sins before a reconciliation is made," thus ending with his own mouth his government's hope to strike a decent save-face reconciliation with the NDA's Centralists at the expense of NDA Masses.
147) The centralists intended an economy in which the state would control the principal sectors of banking, industry, etc.
Hammond notes that neither the workers who practiced it nor the centralists attempting to lead the revolution recognized the need to link struggles in the workplace to the contest for the state.
These are the intellectual scores he really wants to settle - with Marx on the one hand, and liberal centralists such as Herbert Croly and Walter Lippmann on the other.
Factions included the federalists, who sought local autonomy, and the centralists, who were determined to have an autocracy controlled by the traditional elite.
Nor was federalism a foreign idea, as nineteenth-century centralists charged.
Pierre Trudeau may be pegged as a centralist, for example, but Canada became the most decentralized federation in the world during his regime.