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advocating centralization


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But on the other hand the chosen solution had a very centralistic character, since the language of a small minority became a model for literary activity in the whole peninsula.
First, prior to 1998, Indonesia was ruled by the strongly centralistic and oppressive Suharto government.
The RCC again used its centralistic and "deductive-educational" approach in improving relations with the SOC, especially in the Diocese of Dakovo (Bishop Bauerlein).
Such analysis goes beyond a mere two-level game to depict dynamic change in the societies of Southeast Asia from more centralistic to more pluralistic.
Today, although it proclaims itself the exclusive possessor of the Macedonian ancient history, Greece acts as a historical enemy of the Macedonian centralistic heritage.
At the same time, village level institutions responsible for dispute resolution have been undermined by thirty years of highly centralistic governance and now suffer from capacity and legitimacy gaps (World Bank 2007a:1).