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This is the context in which the 18th Amendment was brought about and even though it was a paradigm shift, resistance to the process of devolution has not ended mainly because the centralist mind set at the federal level believes that strong provinces would eventually weaken the state, he added.
Iturbide was the leader of the Centralists, who wanted to give very little power to the provinces within the Mexican republic, and it was the Federalists who had won out.
This observation is not as wide of the mark as it might appear and should be seen in the context of the centralist nature of the SNP, so re-nationalisation is a likely outcome for all the utilities.
The revolutions of the "Arab Spring," and the implicit doubts about the centralist configurations of existing states they carry, if not about existing borders themselves, vindicated the Kurdish nationalist hypothesis - which is no longer vehemently nationalistic - against the Arab nationalist theory.
The overall effect was to strengthen the centralist grip over the population.
Nicholson is a great survivor, and part of the reason for this is that whatever politicians of all hues say about "light touch" leadership and the "post-bureaucratic era", the volatile world of NHS politics means they ultimately find the robust, centralist Nicholsonian style indispensable.
The editors of this collection point in their introduction to a less remarked 'second' New Zealand social contract that embodied a statist and centralist consensus built around the welfare state and the Keynesian policies of the first Labour Government (1935-49).
Until 1911, the salt industry in Colombia was a complete government monopoly supported by both the Conservative Party, which favored a centralist form of national government, as well as the Liberal Party, which advocated a decentralized national government and a free market economy.
Blatter fought off a challenge to his regime last year, completely denying all the accusations and - upping the ante - accusing the trouble-making London press of lying and smearing good servants of the game and chastising the isolated English for refusing to accept his grey centralist opaque dictatorship was for the good of the game.
The age of the old failed centralist Soviet-style control which has blighted and held back education in Wales is over.
The Bill is so dominated by this centralist culture of central government that it could well have been called the Centralism Bill.
This party sees it best to be centralist, without monopolizing the center," said Abdel-Rahman Youssef, poet and activist, who was presenting the speakers.
Most significantly, Freeman demonstrates that the protests were not primarily motivated by a belief that Nazi Germany was behind the seizures, or that Vichy was being overly centralist, although these elements were present.
This is a simple but crude centralist weapon, which is reducing total consumption without apparently curbing individual excess.
There is a strong and long-abiding tension, even paradox in France between the strongly secular and centralist (but often multi-cultural) left and the strongly Catholic and nationalist right, and the increasing visibility of Muslim life in France can encounter opposition from both sides.