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the political policy of concentrating power in a central organization

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He allows for choice to be exercised in the development of mutually beneficial rules and regulations that adapt to problems, contexts, and timeliness, and without the threat of coercion embodied in legal centralism.
Democratic centralism is the core mechanism of the China model, the key to the China miracle, and China's advantage compared with other major developing countries.
When you add this deluded gibberish to the mix of trade protectionist unions, centralism, statistics fiddling and general incompetence, is it any wonder we in Wales lag behind England?
Lest these words appear too abstract, especially to those not so familiar with both Soviet constitutions and their explicit (and deceptive) use of the concept of democratic centralism, I wish to add two testimonies of very gifted and experienced men: one, a now-deceased, former Foreign Service officer (and beloved mentor of mine); and the other, a younger man, later a professor of law and now a federal judge, who was in a prominent position in the first Reagan administration, on the staff of David Stockman.
In a strong response that governors seldom come up with, Narayanan said he has been a student of communism for over six decades and was aware of the fact that the concept of democratic centralism was pivotal to communist ideology and therefore wanted the CPI-M politburo to apologise for the action of party functionaries.
For in turn, the path to solving these problems depends on developing another political and cultural vision, in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, that would replace the centralism of today with federalism, and tyrannical homogeneity with ethnic, religious and confessional pluralism.
He lays out a powerful and timely argument through theoretical assumptions and questions to support a creative method, relational centralism, for studying African American religion in a new light.
As for centralism, perhaps this may be true within the Marxist wing of socialism, but libertarian socialists had been opposing it since the 1840s.
This would safeguard the independence of the police and law enforcement services: a bulwark against the authoritarian state centralism of recent years.
I am and remain a believer in democratic centralism and a revolutionary socialist party ", mirror.
Evoking the general principles of his party and its programmes, he said that the party will opt for centralism in all its orientations placing the supreme interest of the nation above all considerations.
Akbar Nasir Khan of UNDP speaking on federalism in the wake of 18th Amendment said the country was undergoing for transition from centralism to provincialism and from military rule to civil rule.
substantive alternative vision of politics to centralism, this form of
Bruised, battered and beaten be decades of imperialist interventions, and then by the heavyhanded centralism of the first decade of communist rule, today it tells an altogether different story.