central sulcus

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a brain fissure extending upward on the lateral surface of both hemispheres

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They mainly supply the inferior frontal cortex, the frontal opercular cortex, and also the cortex in parietal and central sulcus areas.
A digital rectal examination showed a rocky, well-defined prostate with disappeared central sulcus.
The surface of the disc of the scutellum is almost smooth, with no medial carina, central sulcus absent; these characters set it close N.
Carapace: anterior margin slightly concave, with several setiferous tubercles, eye tubercle black with eyes slightly facing antero-lateral margin, surface with many setiferous tubercles and small tubercles without setae, long sulcus present running from posterior to median eye to center of sulcus, 2 small sulci present on either side of long sulcus, central sulcus deep and radiating; frontal process concealed from above.
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