central scotoma

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a scotoma that involves the fixation point

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Participants had central scotomas in both, one, or neither eye with the frequency of 35, 39, and 26 percent, respectively.
Dimming of vision occurred in 37%; central scotoma (a black spot or "hole" in the central visual field) in 32%; and double vision in 22%.
All patients demonstrated central scotoma due to macular pathology by means of Amsler chart reading and automated visual field (HVF) testing.
Eventually a central scotoma makes reading and fine manipulations requiring vision almost impossible, though navigational ability remains.
An argon laser was used to produce a temporary central scotoma.
This sensation is followed, in seconds to minutes, by the appearance of a small central scotoma of only a few degrees that is lined on one side with a luminous, zigzag line, termed the fortification spectrum.
one week after the onset of fever with a sudden loss of vision or a central scotoma.
Additional key words were added as the search progressed and reviewers provided feedback: peripheral vision, eccentric viewing, video training, central scotoma, macular degeneration, AMD, Stargardt's disease, vision rehabilitation, eccentric fixation, and preferred retinal locus (PRL).
The visual acuity requirement comprised better than 20/400 Snellen equivalent and a documented central scotoma in the better-seeing eye.
The mean age of these patients was 32 (range 16-45); 19 of them had blurring of vision, while others complained of central scotoma, floaters, photophobia, or halo vision.
The vision loss began with central scotoma and darkened in the whole visual field, equivalent in the two eyes, and quickly progressed to no-light-perception (NLP) in several hours.
The review also found that EV training is more effective than provision of magnifiers alone for improving near visual acuity in individuals with an absolute central scotoma.
Table 4: Adverse effects of grid laser Adverse Effects Adverse Effects Eyes which underwent grid laser (n=30) Pre-treatment Post-treatment 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Worsening of 0 3 2 1 Macular Edema (-ve Funduscopic findings) Retinal Hemorrhages 0 1 1 0 Para central Scotoma 0 1 1 1 Vitreous Contraction 0 1 0 0
Damage to this area from diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), causes the loss of central vision in the form of a central scotoma (Kanski, 2008).
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