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Single central processor based on input query selects asked data, request information from other central processor and results of queries are saved into Data Queue Unit for futher processing.
This allows for virtually unlimited expandability without the need to add ever-faster central processors that need ever-higher network bandwidth to each drive.
Memory-hogging games can engorge precious hard drives, they say, and, when played often or by many contestants at once, can bog down entire networks as central processors ship 3-D graphics back and forth.
South Central processors saw the highest operating rates while those in the West had the lowest for the second quarter in a row.
Furthermore, new software allowing him to use all four of the Cray-2's central processors instead of just one would also help.
NEON zPrime for IMS makes costly IMS workloads eligible for processing on IBM specialty processors (SPs) instead of IBM System z central processors (CPs).
Central Processors, 4380 Kawecki Road, Suite G, Malaga; marijuana processor license approved May 10.
North Central processors boasted the highest operating rates and those in the West once again bad the lowest.
SUGAR LAND, Texas -- NEON Enterprise Software's disruptive new mainframe product called zPrime, which shifts massive amounts of core mainframe processing workloads from IBM System z central processors to cheaper-to-use System z specialty processors, is consistently proving itself among major corporations as a viable means to reduce the high cost of mainframe use.
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