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The company determined it will not only slash its cost of using MIPS on central processors, but avert an impending MIPS use overage and associated cost penalties.
Both systems are similar in that they link desktop computers to a larger central processor.
Hie Electronics estimates that the TI-based technology efficiently reduces central processor utilization to less than 20 percent.
With plug-and-play and auto-discovery support, the need to program a central processor to translate all the different "languages" is effectively eliminated.
In this configuration, either PCs or dumb workstations can be linked directly to a central processor (called a "host").
Factors such as the speed of the central processor itself; the speed of transfer between processor and disk; the interaction of the programs; the presence or absence of a math co-processor all affect the performance.
A central processor polls each card and displays the results on the touchscreen interface.
The information needed to coordinate decisions quickly overwhelmed the central processor.
Observers have said the machine, packed with a DVD drive, powerful graphics and central processor chips and a wide array of peripheral connections would cost more than $400, way beyond the price most folks want to pay.
The upgraded central processor unit features 10-digit keypad operation with a nonvolatile EEPROM memory.
So, for example, for a division of the central processor into 100 cells as in Fig.
A central processor coordinates the commands, while motors with built-in drives execute the commands.
AMD64 processors also feature the exclusive Direct Connect Architecture that directly connects the memory controller and I/ O to the central processor unit, improving overall system performance and efficiency.
Linked to a PLC/SCADA based central processor, the Unique/ThinkTop combination has enabled Unilever to take greater control of all of their product movements and to plan and execute CIP cycles to keep energy and water usage and downtime to a minimum.
This hardware includes AirCell's Central Processor Unit (ACPU) and the custom built Cabin Wireless Access Point (CWAP).
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