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Every central unit has its own database distributed by coordinating central processor.
Now, to ensure stability and consistent interoperability between devices, Crestron is embedding its control intelligence in popular hardware and home electronics, eliminating the central processor and the need for hardwiring back to the headend.
Child Protective Services uses about 100 PCs, which are tied to an IBM central processor.
A digital signal processing chip developed by Texas Instruments performs up to two billion operations per second, allowing remote workstations to do work once done by a central processor.
In the impressive center of the terminal, the central processor, the group saw how the hotel and office areas are taking shape, under the vast 18 steel arches supporting the roof structure, the largest of which is 180m wide and 52m high.
The structure, which will support the roof of the terminal's central processor, is 319m at its widest point.
Due to their smaller sizes, these units can be moved closer to the sensor in eliminating lead noise and offloading this workload from a central processor.
Direct Connect Architecture directly connects the memory controller and I/O to the central processor unit, improving overall system performance and efficiency.
A year later, Spectrum's Senior Editor Richard Comerford's view of workstations had evolved into two groups - those which aggressively push the performance of the central processor unit (CPU) with enhanced clock rates and reduced-instruction-set computing, and those which use a great number of independent or parallel processors to get the [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] most out of every tick of the clock.
Known as the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulator (NAS), it is driven--for the present--by a Cray 2 supercomputer capable of conducting 250 million computations per second, a number expected to rise to 1 billion when a second central processor is added later this year, and to 10 billion within a decade.
By shifting such large core workloads from a mainframe central processor to low-cost specialty processors, users are able to dramatically reduce the costs of running their core business applications to a mere fraction of what it costs when using central processors.
WAM and ADS-B capabilities are provided by Comsoft Solutions ultra-compact remote sensors and interrogators linked to a Quadrant Central Processor, providing superior capability to secondary surveillance radar (SSR), with a higher update rate and greater accuracy.
The top of the line z890 has almost twice the processing power compared to the top of the line z800 as a result of a near 100 percent increase in the capacity of each general purpose central processor.
Intended to ensure consistent and reliable axis performance and that the central processor is never overburdened, each control module features its own DSP.
The Echo network, which uses a proprietary communications protocol, no longer is limited by a central controller, providing flexibility to expand and add new nodes in a system without rewiring back to a central processor.
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