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Package 1 includes: Flowlines, Central processing facilities, gas central processing plant, export pipeline and associated facilities Package 2 includes: Early development phase, gas gathering, wellsides and export system (GWES) facilities, building and infrastructures work.
Roberto Penno, Chief Executive Officer, Foster Wheeler Global Engineering and Construction Group, said, Foster Wheeler designed and built the original Central Processing Facility at Temane and has safely and successfully completed other projects at this facility.
The Waset Gas Programme calls for construction of an onshore grass-roots Central Processing Facility (CPF) to process 2,500 MCF/day of gas from the Arabiyah and Hasbah fields and produce about 1,750 MCF/day of sales gas.
Utility computing is already helping some insurers by allowing them to pay only for the services they use, such as storage, network bandwidth, central processing traits and servers.
4% interest in the SOEP platform facilities upstream of and including the Thebaud Central Processing Platform.
It relied on IBM to furnish the central processing units.
VSoft's eDesk Genesis allows Illini State Bank to capture check images at their central processing site and exchange in compliance with Check 21 legislation with images directly, through exchange organizations, or print substitute checks if an endpoint cannot receive electronic cash letters.
The Field Development phase-1 project has been designed with: * Fracturing equipment * Well testing facilities * 500 kilometres of flowlines * Central Processing facilities * Gas processing plant with 1.
The objective of the project is to expand the electric generation capacity of the Temane Central Processing Facility through the addition of a new gas turbine-driven electric generator and a new gas superheater.
Summary: Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) announced today that its construction group has been awarded contracts for construction work on the El Merk Central Processing Facility (CPF) in the Berkine Basin of Algeria.
Called ProCentral, the new service enables independent travel agents and travel agencies to book travel for their clients through UNIGLOBE's Central Processing Unit (CPU), a fully accredited ARC/IATA/CLIA location in Irvine, California.
A reversal of the right-beating nystagmus following right-cool and left-warm stimuli indicated a binaural peripheral stimulation with appropriate central processing.
One of the central puzzles of neurophysiology concerns how the dense web of neurons in the brain encodes sensory information carried from eyes and ears to the brain's central processing regions.
opened its first retailer store and central processing center on February 1, 2007.
It can also be seen in patients who have an idiopathic condition and in some patients who have disorders in the central processing of information from the vestibular labyrinths.
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