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(usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise

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The study examines three districts during the 2007-2008 school year throughout their central office transformation: Atlanta (Ga.
Every central office has only a limited number of circuits," he says.
Your renewal payment comes to Central Office for processing and is entered into ADAA's database on a first-come, first-served basis.
Vallas's ability to shore up the district's finances and to streamline the central office was aided by two conditions.
We are extremely pleased to have NTS as a customer, and very excited to see them select the VantEdge and embrace an intelligent central office architecture to expand their broadband service capabilities.
He said Verizon researchers got back to him with the reason: 37 of the buildings were officially 17,000 feet away from the central office.
The new deployment technology is built with equipment that resides on the MTU premises in the central wiring closet and operates seamlessly with the existing copper-based local loop telephone wires, regardless of distance from the central office.
The equipment had been ordered through the Commission's Central Office but was delayed for six months.
There is a good lesson there, but not perhaps the one the central office wants to convey.
The joint development agreement covers collaboration on the enhancement of Simpler Networks' central office AMDF technology for remote applications, provides for exclusivity for key customer sets and involves an undisclosed investment in Simpler Networks by Lucent.
Unless the central office staff starts communicating better with school building principals and teachers, major reform initiatives may never come to fruition, reports a new study released by the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform.
But whatever type of activity you choose, while funds permit, Central Office can help.
The district's central office appeared to have embraced decentralization, and, more crucially, the binding union contract seemed to ensure that school-based management would move forward.
Rich Forte, President and CEO stated, "We believe the successful deployment of our Apollo series full-rate ADSL modem chipsets is attributable to its high performance, stable operation, and industry-wide interoperability with central office equipment, in addition to its patented auto-configuration capability for different ADSL standards.
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