central nervous system

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The Global Central Nervous System (CNS) Biomarkers Market is expected to grow exponentially due to diagnostic development and rise in personalized medicine market.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Central Nervous System (CNS) Tumor.
By blocking these two sets of adhesion molecules, which normally function like the two sides of velcro, the activated immune cells can be forced to continue to speed through the bloodstream, propelled by blood flow, and prevented from wedging their way through the blood vessel wall and into the central nervous system.
The data suggested that a prolonged toxic effect of the DMAB on the central nervous system still persisted in the attention, personality, and memory function.
We report a case of possible involvement of the central nervous system by the SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV).
The drug's impact on the central nervous system can lead to mind-altering effects.
Exploring the possibility of using fully human antibodies to help repair central nervous system injuries and disorders adds an exciting new dimension to antibody-based therapeutics, especially in this area where currently few therapies are available.
This is the cornerstone of the teaching progression in any skill--the transference of information into a stored form of memory in the central nervous system.
The speculation is that the cataracts and mental retardation are co-occurring residual effects of the persistence of rubella in the central nervous systems of these children.
The fact that the adult neural-precursor cells can survive and grow in the central nervous system during a chronic inflammatory disease is really important," says Judith Greer of the University of Queensland in Australia.
The project, called the Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas, or GENSAT, maps mouse genes that are also present in the human genome as expressed in the central nervous system.
MS is a disease that takes place where the two most complicated systems in the human body interact: the central nervous system (the brain, optic nerves, and spinal cord) and the immune system.
The Central Nervous System Partnering Terms and Agreements report provides comprehensive understanding and unprecedented access to the central nervous system partnering deals and agreements entered into by the world's leading healthcare companies.
In a normal reaction to injury or disease, pain signals activate immune cells in the central nervous system.
In fact, the central nervous system is protected from unwanted visitors from the bloodstream by a specialized cell layer called the blood-brain-barrier.
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