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small region of cytoplasm adjacent to the nucleus


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They will be owned and controlled by the cooperative central body, which will in turn be owned by its new 99% shareholder, the State," the release added.
The EU has agreed on the formation of a banking union but is divided on the decision to create a central body to handle failing banks in the area.
In a bid to slash duplication and waste, the Cabinet Office "mandated" individual departments to join forces and order commonly used items through a dedicated central body.
Summary: Collection of fines resulting from traffic offences is to be regulated by a central body across the Gulf countries.
Morabito stressed the importance of the project in helping marginalized groups, saying a central body can coordinate that help much more effectively.
But the council has now decided all applications should go before the central body.
With no central body, provinces will duplicate work for which they have neither institutional capacity nor resources.
The ministry will have a database and a central body inside the ministry tasked with following up on those receiving the aid and to offer them job opportunities as soon as they are available.
certain areas, lack of a central body to oversee these projects, and lack of
It is a very distinctive looking bee, with a central body section all brown, a black abdomen and a white tail.
There is no central body responsible for racing, which is organised through a local equestrian committee, but a number of private individuals are setting up enterprises, and we were invited to look at a couple of them.
The European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers (GESAC), a central body which represents 34 European collecting societies, said the two sides had been close to agreement on the harmonisation of levies in a European single market just before IT industry representatives walked out of the talks last week.
Farm co-op pioneer Moss Jones joined the WAOS, the central body for agricultural cooperatives in Wales, back in 1976.
The overarching problem, as the author sees it, is that of authority: wherein does it lie when there is no central body with decisive oversight of the various national churches, no Anglican "Vatican" or Anglican "Pope"?
28, 2003, by order of the Home Ministry's Central Body, headed by the minister, under section 10(A) of the 1975 Law Safeguarding the State from the Actions of Subversionists.
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