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small region of cytoplasm adjacent to the nucleus


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National Sports Ethics Commission Bill proposes to set up a Central body to ensure ethical practices & fair play in sports including - 1/ 2.
Description: Pollen grain, monosaccate, overall amb sub circular to elliptical, corpus ill defined, trilete mark distinct or indistinct, saccus attachment sub equatorial on both sides, exine of central body infra punctate to infra granulate, width of saccus uniform, or may be distorted or greatly compressed due to post preservational hazards, the exine of corpus gradually merges into exoexine of saccus leaving no clear cut line of demarcation, exoexine of saccus crumbled into radial folds, narrow zones of proximal and distal sides overlap, the exo exine of saccus is more compact, heavily built and dark in color than the exine of central body.
Armenian Genocide Centenary Central Body of Lebanon has met in Beirut, the press-service of the Armenian
Plans when agreed upon could then be sent to a central body for detailed study and criticism.
There must be four regional parliaments for regional issues and one central body for national interests on which all four are represented.
He recently announced plans to replace the Planning Commission, a lingering vestige of India's early attempt to mimic the Soviet command economy, with a modern institution to reflect a shift to a market-based economy where the states were the main drivers of growth rather than a central body.
central body (Confederation Nationale du Credit Mutuel) assumes legal
Talking to reporter here on Tuesday, Joint Secretary, Central Body FGCTA, Muhammad Tahir Bhatti said, all male and female members of association fully support Shahnaz Anjum Riaz.
5 billion recapitalisation and restructuring plan for their central body, the Cooperative Central Bank.
The European Commission has found recapitalisation and restructuring aid measures in favour of the Cooperatives Credit Institutions and their central body, the Cooperative Central Bank Ltd.
President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev signed the order on February 6 transforming the General Staff of Armed Forces into the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic and designating it as the central body of armed forces command and management.
Each tail appears to have been shed by the central body on a specific date.
Idea of the planetary system consisting of some amount of macro-contours, from which planets formed, and the contours of a higher order integrating the planets and a central body was enough to get the general regularities.
He stressed the importance of creating a central body includes small and smaller projects at the level of the Gulf States, in order to obtain data on their activities to assess their projects and what they can offer to the development process, and called on them to develop their projects and to center on national employment.
The central body of CEFTA and the joint committee are going to hold a meeting in Belgrade on 22 July to debate the dispute between the two countries, whereupon Serbia and Macedonia's next steps will be known.
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