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Synonyms for centner

a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms

in some European countries: a unit of weight equivalent to 50 kilograms

a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds

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2008); see also Centner, supra note 41, at 1228 (evaluating approval procedures for allowing discharges for CAFOs under Michigan regulations).
Centner added that HTA has a contract with San Francisco's Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) to conduct video tolling for rental cars crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay Bridge and six other regional bridges.
Explaining how it works, Centner said, "We modeled the TravelPass program on the popular Netflix process, in which DVDs are delivered and returned by mail.
Kenneth Centner as Executive Vice President of Global Operations.
Karen Centner was promoted to vice president, general merchandising manager for e-commerce and international; Karl Dahlen to vice president, senior legal officer; Tom Gloudeman to vice president, recruitment and development; and Randy Peterson to vice president, engineering and facilities services.
Communications service providers are under intense pressure with price competition, high churn and saturated market segments hitting them simultaneously," stated Kenneth Centner, UshaComm's executive vice president of product management.
MaterialNet was founded in August1999 by serial 'Netrepreneur David Centner (K2 Design, CLIQNOW
For the time being, sales will be handled by Ken Centner, account executive, and assisted by the company's national call center team.
Beat This Price a great tool for buyers with specific jobs to fulfill and buyers with recurring requirements who have access to historical pricing data," said David Centner, president, MaterialNet.
Many buyers that come to our site are looking to purchase more than one metal," said David Centner, president and co-founder, MaterialNet.
We have added considerable strength and depth to our team," said David Centner, cofounder and president of MaterialNet.
com President, David Centner, in a recently released statement, has urged B2B websites - especially those in the metals arena - to adopt a disclosure policy that would assure participants of a level playing field.
Centner remains on the board to provide guidance as the company moves forward.
We are excited that AIB has entrusted stewardship of their brand and corporate identity to K2," said David Centner, CEO, K2 Design, Inc.