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a metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter

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Abaseline, or starting point, for birth length was taken to be 49 centimetres and for head circumference 33 centimetres.
Use of asthma |inhalers was found to cut half a centimetre from an average annual growth rate of six to nine centimetres
Where we have gone wrong in this country is to ignore centimetres and express all measurements less than one metre in millimetres, which are much more difficult to comprehend.
Two to five centimetres of snow is likely, with 10-20 centimetres in places, mainly northern Scotland, Northern Ireland, north Wales and the Midlands.
When the snow stops and if the snow accumulation reaches eight centimetres, plows will be sent to the local roads.
They found that for every extra 10 centimetres in height, the overall risk of developing cancer increased by 11% for men and 18% for women.
The level of Amur river, which serves as a natural border with China where it is known as the Heilongjiang river, has already risen to 805 centimetres (26 feet) around Khabarovsk, a city of 600,000, said Yury Varakin, head of the situation centre at Russian state weather service Rosgidromet.
The article starts by saying snow is expected - up to five centimetres - which will cause chaos.
The vehicle is 368 centimetres long, 167 centimetres wide, 160 centimetres high and has a wheelbase of 230 centimetres.
As of 9 am (0000 GMT) Thursday, the fresh snowfall pushed the levels to 275 centimetres in Aomori prefecture in the far north of the country's main island, 204 centimetres in Tottori in the west, and 202 centimetres in Niigata, on the coast of the island's centre, the agency said.