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Synonyms for centimeter

a metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter

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Derby assumes that the flat part must be at least 1/16 inch thick (0.16 centimeter) so as not to buckle.
Divide each 9-centimeter side into three equal parts, each measuring 3 centimeters. At the middle of each side, add an equilateral triangle one-third the size of the original, facing outward.
Circle which would give you more nutrition, a carrot 250 millimeters long, or a carrot 95 centimeters long?
- up to 8,000 cubic centimeters - 16,000 manat plus six manat for each cubic centimeter for a part of the engine with capacity of 6001-8000 cubic centimeters,
According to the study released by the Forestry Bureau earlier this week, the team sampled the air at eight different national forest parks, and discovered that Manyueyuan contains the highest density of negative ions at its Virgin Falls area, reaching up to 27,192 negative ions per cubic centimeter.
It was a gold sphere 10 centimeters in diameter, glowing spectrally in the late afternoon light.
From January 1, 2018, customs duties for cars with an engine capacity of more than 1,500 cubic centimeters are calculated at $0.70 per cubic centimeter, and for used cars - $1.2.
Earlier, the customs duty on the import of new cars with an engine capacity of 1,500 cubic centimeters or more was $0.4 per each cubic centimeter, and for used cars $0.7 per each cubic centimeter.
Under the new tariffs, the duty on the import of new cars with an engine capacity of 1,500 cubic centimeters and more will be $0.7 per each cubic centimeter, and for used cars with the same engine volumes $1.2 per each cubic centimeter.
Beyond the area of high-frequency rumbling, the surface of the ground slowly heaved up and down at least 1 centimeter. That motion, though imperceptible, triggered a swarm of small earthquakes in Alaska, a quarter of the way around the globe from the epicenter of the quake.
To test the feasibility of implanting the sensors in the body, Strano's group placed oxidase- and ferricyanide-coated nanotubes inside a sealed glass tube a centimeter long and 200 microns thick.