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a metric unit of volume equal to one hundredth of a liter

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X X (*) where it forms the central letter of a central palindromic group of 5 or more letters, as do the letters F and L in KNIFING and CENTILITRES respectively.
n Bottles of pop are sold in centilitres, but beer is pulled into pint glasses.
On my first trip, I spilled 50 centilitres, or about 100 teaspoons, of virtual water although in fairness, 40 centilitres was lost when I had to break extremely hard to avoid a bad driver in front of me who just stopped in the middle of Al Wasl Road.
Yet, the Tories want to go all Carol Vorderman and print the actual number of centilitres of pure alcohol contained in each can or bottle.
1 centilitres, while other continental measurements call for five or 10 centilitres.
In a pub, I THINK I'm getting a quarter gill, even though it may be Dieu knows how many centilitres.
5 centilitres of drink and is to made available in tulip-shaped glasses at selected bars and pubs around the UK.