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a metric unit of volume equal to one hundredth of a liter

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As the limit defining heavy consumption we shall employ 10 centiliters of pure alcohol daily, or 36.
Binge drinking (heavy drinking occasions) was defined as an occasion when the respondent had consumed at least one bottle of wine, 25 centiliters of spirits, or four cans of beer.
The frequency of drinking larger amounts was measured by the question: How many times during the last 12 months have you consumed alcoholic beverages corresponding to at least one bottle of wine, 25 centiliters of spirits, or 4 cans of beer, or more, during one drinking occasion ?
Binge drinking corresponds to drinking one bottle of wine or more in one drinking occasion; one bottle of wine equals 25 centiliters of spirits or four pints of beer.
The mean consumption has been transformed into 100% alcohol and is displayed as centiliters per year.