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(statistics) any of the 99 numbered points that divide an ordered set of scores into 100 parts each of which contains one-hundredth of the total

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The study group consisted of 116 mothers diagnosed with EFW less than 3rd centile or less than 10th centile with foetal UA Doppler changes or oligohydramnios.
The use of thresholds below the 99th centile to risk stratify patients at presentation and pathways that incorporate a change in troponin concentration on serial testing is likely to further improve the safety and effectiveness of early rule-out pathways.
Patients were included who had been labeled as having short stature based on height <-2 SD or <3rd centile for age and gender plotted on 2000 CDC growth charts (developed by the American National Center for Health Statistics in collaboration with the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion).
Smoothing reference centile curves: the LMS method and penalized likelihood.
Diet of the child when optimum according to the age helps in the growth and development of the child and is reflected by the anthropometric measurements as depicted on the centile charts when the height and weight of the child is plotted.
8] At 42 weeks the range of AFV between the 3rd and the 97th centile is wide and cannot be used to predict post-term pregnancies.
Neonates with birth weight less than 10th centile and between the 10th and 90th centile for gestational age compared to normogram were defined as SGA and appropriate-forgestational age (AGA), respectively.
The growth reference centile charts for prepubertal children were provided in the previous studies [22-25].
At least one twin having a CRL below the fifth centile also was significantly associated with single fetal loss (OR, 2.
Head circumference less than third centile showed developmental delay with significant P value (P= 0.
The appendix contains blood pressure centile tables, ECG reference ranges, and basic cardiac catheter data.
Depending on his centile, I'd even hold off getting a specialist opinion from a paediatric endocrinologist, which might make him feel very self-conscious and anxious.
Although the primary outcome was less common in the elective birth group, the difference was due entirely to a higher rate of birthweight below the third centile (for gestational age at birth and infant sex) in the standard care group, with no difference in any other individual outcome.
6 Laboratory parameters Lab A (52 observations) Mean 25th centile CD4 count at 12 h (cells/ul) 373 181 CD4 count at 24 h (cells/ul) 359 177 CD4 % at 12 h 17 10 CD4 % at 24 h 17 10 Lab B (52 observations) Mean 25th centile CD4 count at 12 h (cells/ul) 396 185 CD4 count at 24 h (cells/ul) 389 183 CD4 % at 12 h 18 11 CD4 % at 24 h 18 10 Lab C (51 observations) Mean 25th centile CD4 count at 12 h (cells/ul) 439 249 CD4 count at 24 h (cells/ul) 431 233 CD4 % at 12 h 18 10 CD4 % at 24 h 18 10 Mean time to running CD4 tests (h) First CD4 Second CD4 Lab A 12.