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The testing was carried out as part of the Cooperative Innovations Program under an agreement between Lucent and Centigram signed in July 1997, which reinforces both companies' commitment to systems inter-operability and open industry standards.
PepsiAmericas' key requirement was that its voice mail system could integrate into their existing Nortel PBX and emulate the old Centigram system so that the company would not have to invest time and money in retraining its workforce.
Prior to joining Adept, Dale was vice president of global sales at Centigram Communications/ADC where his responsibilities included the development and growth of the global sales team and mentoring of sales personnel.
Wolf was senior vice president and CFO of Redback Networks as well as executive vice president, co-president and chief financial officer of Credence Systems as well as Centigram Communications.
5 Targets Enterprise Needs by Adding Support for Centigram TUI, Simplified Administration Capabilities and Expanded Speech Functionality