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a temperature scale that defines the freezing point of water as 0 degrees and the boiling point of water as 100 degrees

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The maximum temperature in the metropolis was recorded as 33 degrees centigrade.
The heat wave maintained its grip on Kandahar and Nimroz provinces, where the temperature shot up to 50 degrees centigrade.
Whether you are in Cairo or Croydon, 36 and 37 Centigrade just doesn't sound particularly hot.
Closer to home,London reached 25 degrees centigrade.
The company noted that fuel cells employing its new processing technique have "operated successfully at less than 550 degrees centigrade while producing equivalent power to cells operating at temperatures of 800 to 1,000 degrees centigrade," an improvement NanoDynamics fuel cell program technology director Caine Finnerty said "should allow the manufacture of [SOFCs] from less expensive materials and produce power in a significantly shorter time from start-up.
The law on minimum temperatures is clear and unambiguous - 13 degrees centigrade for strenuous work, 16 degrees Centigrade genera
Temperatures outside are minus 20 centigrade (minus 4 Fahrenheit).
Aged prpoperties, 65 h @ 140[degrees centigrade in forces air oven : Tensile, MPA 3.
Centigrade was formed through the merger and acquisition of several well-established agencies including the marketing communications agency Hunterskil Howard in Europe and public relations firm Luxe Communications in the U.
He said that the range of maximum temperature in Karachi on Sunday is expected to be between 41 to 43 degrees centigrade.
The lowest minimum temperature recorded at: Parachinar 10 degree centigrade, Kalam, Astore 6, Gupis, Hunza, Kalat 4, Dir, Skardu, Drosh, Rawalakot 3, Gilgit, Malamjabba, Murree 2 and Quetta 1 degree centigrade.
Maximum temperature: 38 degrees centigrade and minimum temperature at 23 degrees centigrade.
Polymer decomposition initiates around 220 Degrees Centigrade and is generally complete below 350 Degrees Centigrade, providing both reduced energy costs and a resultant product with essentially zero inorganic or carbon residues from the binder.
75 Bolivianos (As of May 21,1999) * JANUARY MEDIAN TEMPERATURE: La Paz: 12 Centigrade, 53.
Additional features include avalanche capabilities and a guaranteed FBSOA at 75 degrees Centigrade.