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(surgery) the act of puncturing a body cavity or organ with a hollow needle in order to draw out fluid

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The Centeze[TM] product line provides surgeons with an improved device featuring large side ports for improved centesis drainage, with easy insertion and a secure compression fit needle interface for quick advancement to the drainage site.
The launch of the Centeze Centesis Drainage Catheter demonstrates our commitment to continuously expand the product offerings of our surgical products business," said M.
Other diagnostic aids, Ultrasonograpy, Urethral catheterisation, Centesis, Cytology, Biopsy techniques, Blood and urine analyses, Urodynamics, Endoscopy
Merit already has introduced two products this year -- the One-Step(TM) Centesis Catheter for drainage, and the DugOut(TM) 1000ml waste collection device.
The One-Step centesis catheter is the first of three drainage catheter products which the company intends to introduce this year.