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a fractional monetary unit of several countries: Panama and Italy and Uruguay and Chile

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And in the recesses of the porches, all day long, knots of men of the lowest classes, unemployed and listless, lie basking in the sun like lizards; and unregarded children,--every heavy glance of their young eyes full of desperation and stony depravity, and their throats hoarse with cursing,--gamble, and fight, and snarl, and sleep, hour after hour, clashing their bruised centesimi upon the marble ledges of the church porch.
I tempi di risposta e di reazione sono annullati perche si materializzano nell'immediatezza telematica calcolata sui centesimi di secondo.
L'hanno anche messo sulle nuove monete, pero sugli spiccioli da due centesimi, per cui non si capisce se i torinesi debbano essere contenti o incazzati.
This was a modern example of marketing because La Nazione included a special insert, at the additional price of 50 centesimi, with the actual cartamodello to make the tuta.