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Synonyms for centerpiece

the central or most important feature

something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)

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I wanted a centerpiece that could stay on the kitchen island and last without going out of style," (https://www.
The building will be the centerpiece of the Dubai Creek Harbor development.
Vintage or modern books make the perfect foundation on which to top a variety of centerpiece necessities, including: table numbers, candles and or flowers.
An equally elegant option was laid out on a round table covered in gold cloth, its centerpiece a large, tall arrangement of fuchsia blooms-roses, carnations, cascades of Phalaenopsis-with ropes of clear glass beads hanging from underneath.
USPRwire, Sat Dec 10 2016] For wedding planners who would like an exotic feel to their table's centerpieces or homeowners with a deep sense of style, Candelabra Centerpieces may have just the solution shoppers are looking for.
A huge Christmas tree and Christmas box completes the setup and gives the magical feel to the lighted centerpiece.
You can use the centerpiece as a way to promote a seasonal project customers can create.
She wanted the cake to be just the centerpiece and to be eaten on the night of the graduation, the following Sunday.
This Centerpiece is a how-to guide for stealing from one another," writes Andrea Allen, director of education at Seattle Repertory Theatre.
The Modhesh theme will focus on a Modhesh cake as the centerpiece with fruit and vegetable carvings of the bubbly mascot.
For another easy-do centerpiece, arrange assorted colored flowers in a low, tight design, placing the stems directly in the flesh of a small watermelon half.
Caption: Roger Silverstein and Janno Lieber of Silverstein Properties discussed the centerpiece of Silverstein's portfolio, 7 World Trade Center, at the Young Men's/Women's Real Estate Group, November 8 luncheon meeting.
They will be the centerpiece of our Air Force-to-Air Force relationship and are a significant milestone furthering U.
Most important, with regard to the key activity of the foundation, we reiterate the statement in our June 10 press release: "The Lambda Literary Awards and their showcase author readings, the centerpiece of the foundation, will continue.
The centerpiece of the project includes a new "drum pulper," which will replace the old pulping technology introduced with the mill startup in 1979.