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a magazine center spread

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The Centerfold Caddies are sexy, fun, playful, & charming.
This is regarding the recent issue of Airman magazine and the centerfold of the new Airman battle uniform.
Food items have migrated to the expanded number of booklet-size pages in the centerfold, surrounding the order form, like impulse items near a cash register.
Unfortunately, he didn't strip off during his set - didn't anyone tell him it was a naked centerfold party?
BUBBLE TROUBLE: Patrick McGuinness poses in the bath as a Cosmopolitan male centerfold PA' GRIN AND BARE IT: DJs Colin and Edith, far left and EastEnder Joe Swash
Can't imagine many of the male fans spent much time perusing the centerfold pictures of the Sky Blues in this week's programme.
Roald Dahl's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (0375834-605, 14.95) holds a centerfold of color photos from the movie as it appears in a sparkling new edition to reflect the motion picture's release.
From previously unpublished lyrics from Costello's earliest songs to controversial album releases, COMPLICATED SHADOWS presents a full view of the man and his magic, spiced with a centerfold of black and white photos.
In that spirit, we hope you enjoy reading this issue's centerfold poster, "Ordinary Library Miracles." Thank you to Doug Johnson for granting permission to excerpt part of this amusing and inspirational list from his web site.
What operates as the centerfold of the writer's revolutionary first book, Tulsa (1971), pits, verso, a text--"death is more perfect than life"--against, recto, Clark's first "star," Billy Mann, shirtless on tousled sheets, gun raised and wristwatch ticking, captioned "dead 1970"--"dead" as in deceased and absolutely.
The two also are owners of a standardbred filly named Centerfold Hall who won her first five starts before finishing third in the Lexington Breeders' Classic at the Red Mile on September 5.
A blend of illustrations and photographs--many taken during construction--includes a centerfold of the building that shows unique facets of its structure.
Over the past several years, I have found the centerfold images in your magazine too contemporary for my style of teaching.
No, it doesn't include a centerfold, so don't even ask.