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the person who plays center field

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Having played nine years as a centerfielder in the majors, moving from the Cubs, to the Phillies, and finally to the Rangers, Glanville knows things.
Lenny Dykstra, former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder, filed for bankruptcy earlier this week following the foreclosure sale of his $18 million mansion.
With Los Angeles Angels centerfielder TORII HUNTER doing the city proud with every Gold Glove that he collects, Pine Bluff also can Lay claim to one of the game's greatest Lead-off hitters and its all-time base-stealer--RICKEY HENDERSON.
October's profiles include a Texas farm boy named Jack Lummus, a flashy centerfielder and pro football prospect who traded his spikes for a marine uniform.
Two of these scholar-athletes--Oklahoma State University soccer midfielder Yolanda Odenyo and Northwestern University baseball centerfielder Kenneth Avila--were selected as Sports Scholars of the Year for best exemplifying the standards of scholarship, athleticism and humanitarianism.
When I was a boy in the 1950s, the older baseball books I read had Tris Speaker as the centerfielder on the all-time team.
The centerfielder has top priority on balls reachable by him or her and another outfielder.
Kiefner proceeded to launch a towering rocket to straightaway center that caught centerfielder Pat Driver by surprise--for a moment.
Batista earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from Siena College (Albany, NY), where he played Division I Baseball as the team's centerfielder.
I see New York hired a centerfielder away from Boston.
That remark is spoken by the invaluable Denis O'Hare, playing Mason Marzac, the gay business manager of a biracial superstar centerfielder, Darren Lemming (Daniel Sunjata), who has recently come out, much to the distress (or not) of his fellow players on a fictitious New York team called the Empires.
Among investors are former Colts offensive lineman Chris Hinton, former Baltimore Orioles player Eddie Murray and Cleveland Indians centerfielder Kenny Lofton.
Atlanta Brave's centerfielder, Curtis Pride, has received the Volta Award from the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf.
Mike Dukakis fumbles a toss with Red Sox centerfielder Ellis Burks, and it instantly becomes a symbol of a fumbling campaign.
2 million contract with free agent centerfielder Joe Carter, the Padres hope to clinch another National League pennant.