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Synonyms for centerfield

the piece of ground in the outfield directly ahead of the catcher

the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is expected to field balls in the central third of the outfield

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On behalf of Kidd & Company and our partners at Centerfield Capital, we are very excited about the recent acquisition.
The SanPete Messenger reported that in rural Centerfield, Utah, on Match 8, a man chose to commit an armed robbery at a local store.
Not only did he help at the plate; Greenberg also made an ESPN "Plays of the Week" worthy two-out, bases-loaded catch in centerfield to probably save the Travs in another outing.
Reds fans will learn about Hall of Famer Edd Roush falling asleep in centerfield during a lengthy, heated argument between Reds manager Pat Moran and the presiding umpire (and when play resumed, Roush was ejected).
Inside the ballpark, just beyond the left centerfield wall; 619/795-5918.
The ball is directed straight back toward centerfield.
Centerfield Capital Partners, Indianapolis--Centerfield has a strong interest in health-care products and services, information technologies and telecommunications, business and financial services, as well as manufacturing and value-added distribution.
will join forces to sponsor the centerfield batter's eye sign at Citibank Park, the Duck's home stadium in Central Islip, NY.
As game time approached, Maldonado made his way through the Press Gate and took the long walk to Monument Park located behind the centerfield wall.
The satisfactions of craft, the feel of a well-hit ball sailing into centerfield, the twinkling reflections we discover on a city street after a summer rain are potential sources for such experience.
The centerfield of emerging audit issues can be directly traced to Indopco v.
I guess his hair was just a little too red to measure the distance from home plate to second base and back or what it would take for me to play centerfield on the only church team in town.
I wa all set to grab a copy of John Fogerty's 1985 comeback record Centerfield, unti I noticed a track with the name "Vanz Kant Danz.
PNC Business Credit provided senior debt financing for the transaction and Centerfield Capital Partners and Bowside Capital provided additional financing and minority equity.
In addition to the construction, the turf will have the Bryan ISD logo inlaid at centerfield.