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6) According to the model by Kaariainen, (7) key features of good-quality counseling include patient centeredness, interactiveness, goal-oriented implementation, provision of sufficient counseling for each patient, a focus on advantages of counseling, and adequate resources.
A summary of the key points from all the articles revealed the following 7 key concepts in laboratory medicine-primary care: (1) process failures, (2) delays, (3) communication gaps, (4) errors in judgment and cognition, (5) influence of minorities/language, (6) practice culture, and (7) lack of patient centeredness.
Achieving patient centeredness in the medical home takes patient-centered provider and patient behavior.
Patient Centeredness as an Indicator of Quality, Toward Health Care Equity and Patient-Centeredness.
A new initiative focuses on safety and reliability, care team vitality, patient centeredness and increased value to your patients and their families.
DataRecorder calculates averages, standard deviations, process centeredness, and process capability index (Cpk).
Most of us are not asked to lay down our life, but what we can do is try to lay aside our petty self centeredness in order to make the world a better place in which to live.
Nevertheless, a certain centeredness may be detected.
Thus while we miss Edward in our moments of self centeredness, his legacy will remain that of Edward Wadih Said, a major contributor to the world's growing constituency of conscious.
Private programs that work successfully within public schools are characterized by student centeredness, parental involvement, instructional guarantees, staff development, individual diagnostic assessments, innovative reward systems, low teacher-student ratios, performance benchmarks, and competition among remedial agencies.
In a sense, the image that closes the novel recuperates the truth that the narrator has been after and, finally, permits her an astonishing kind of centeredness that transforms the dogged monsters of her childhood into something not unlike poetry: "Ces petites lumieres surnumeraires qui me donnerent l'impression reelle d'habiter desormais un autre monde, Simon me dit qu'on les nomme les chiens du soleil.
and belched a little with him, the immensity of his philosophical centeredness occupied
The development of measures of patient centeredness has recently begun to gain a little traction, yet measures of equity remain almost entirely absent.
Presented in chart format, the data contains a summary and their conclusions about six areas: effectiveness, access, capacity, safety, patient- centeredness, and disparities.
Shifting can chip away at our sense of self, at a sense of wholeness and centeredness, leaving us emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted," Kumea says.