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a retractable fin keel used on sailboats to prevent drifting to leeward

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But Bockscar, the strike plane chosen for Centerboard II, had been delayed on the tarmac because of fuel-pump problems.
The seat was situated with its back against the rear of the centerboard slot with the shooter facing the stern.
Raising or lowering the centerboard also helped to control its movements, and, in the shallowest waters, it could be used as a brake by letting it scrape the bottom.
To help keep the boat sailing straight, small boats have a centerboard (cen-ter-board).
A centerboard eighteen feet deep could be hoisted with block and tackle.
Aware of the strength and direction of the wind, an experienced sailor knows how to trim sails and adjust the centerboard in order to progress in the intended direction.
016 mm thick Teflon outer dielectric boards and a centerboard of 0.
Mix a batch of epoxy (one stroke of resin, one stroke of hardener) and apply it to the inside "C" faces (the bad sides) of the centerboard trunk sides (K).
Pietro Strada, London, is Managing Director of Centerboard Partners.
I would go over every block and slide, disassemble the jamb cleats and clean them thoroughly, even touch up the varnish on the centerboard trunk as though it contributed a damn thing to speed.
Cuts were then made around the cockpits, mast steps and centerboard trunks.
The boat's centerboard was raised and the mainsail and the jib were set so the boat would sail almost sidewards.
Some sailboats have permanent keels; many smaller designs have a centerboard that is pushed down through a narrow, open-ended trunk fastened in the center of the hull.
Cut out the centerboard slot in the bottom panel (B).
006" centerboard thickness, an important feature of the program is that the effect of stripline trace thickness is included in the calculations.