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a retractable fin keel used on sailboats to prevent drifting to leeward

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But Bockscar, the strike plane chosen for Centerboard II, had been delayed on the tarmac because of fuel-pump problems.
The seat was situated with its back against the rear of the centerboard slot with the shooter facing the stern.
He learned about lightweight balsa-wood rafts steered by guaras, various adjustable centerboards.
Pietro Strada, London, is Managing Director of Centerboard Partners.
I would go over every block and slide, disassemble the jamb cleats and clean them thoroughly, even touch up the varnish on the centerboard trunk as though it contributed a damn thing to speed.
Cuts were then made around the cockpits, mast steps and centerboard trunks.
The boat's centerboard was raised and the mainsail and the jib were set so the boat would sail almost sidewards.
The Seawind 950 comes standard as a cruising model with fixed mini-keels, but there is also an optional racing model with a lowering centerboard for higher pointing performance.
Sailing dinghies are tippy because they have only a short centerboard to provide lateral stability in the water.
The tree number and bolt number (vertical position in the tree) were marked on the 1-inch-thick centerboard that included the pith.
Events included a Centerboard Regatta at Corinthian Sailing Club on White Rock Lake, and a Keelboat Regatta at Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club on Lewisville Lake, which wrapped up on May 1, 2005.
Staff was the vice president of marketing for CenterBoard where he was responsible for all marketing functions and played a key role in defining the company's strategy.
Unlike larger vessels with fixed keels, the Lido 14 has a removable centerboard and is easy to tow on a trailer, said Allan Stults, a teacher at Fern Ridge Middle School and a Lido veteran.
In view of the economic importance of the sideboards in the lumber yield and in the entire functioning of a sawmill, a real need for information on the recovery of s ideboards in relation to log and centerboard quality is now arising and becoming a key issue.
He also serves on the board of Newmerix, Kiyon, and Centerboard and as an observer to Netcontinuum and Zonare.