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the spread at the center of a magazine

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Because I notice a lot, I couldn't help to wonder about the center spread on pages 36-37.
Its center spread features a large two-page photo of the panel saw with 14 key areas of the machine numbered to correspond with descriptions that surround the image.
It was the center spread photograph of the first Communion class in Basrah, Iraq ("Seeing the Face of the Enemy"), however, that gave the strongest argument.
More complex is the center spread in Here It Is, which borrows equally from i-D magazine and Piero della Francesca--nor just in the clumsy-yet-lyrical religiosity of the subjects' poses (hands extended in benediction or clasped in prayer-like contemplation) and their gorgeously frosty remove, but also in the crisp blue sky and slim trees.
Proposed by David Bushnell of Bushnell Binoculars back in 1994, the project originally was to consist of 1,080 homes and condominiums, two parks, a golf course and a small shopping center spread over 900 acres southwest of 47th Street East at Barrel Springs Road.
3]"This partnership allows The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to offer a unique, new plant to gardeners across the state, and will help the Center spread our message about the beauty and ecological benefits of native plants," said Susan K.
Construction of a maintenance repair overhaul center spread over an area of 25 sq.
In order to meet regulatory agency electromagnetic compliance (EMC) requirements, programmable spread-spectrum feature provide a wide range of down or center spread percentages (0.
The first is a six-page center spread from Chrysler's PT Cruiser and the second is a six-page gatefold from the Dodge brand.
The corporate story was highlighted in a two-page center spread.
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