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a tool with a conical point that is used to make indentations in metal (especially to mark points for drilling)

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make a small hole in something as a guide for a drill

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Use a hinge center punch like the one shown or a Vix bit, a special drill bit that's self centering; see Buyer's Guide.
To use, set the drill point in the center punch mark, then bring the corner of the hole square up to contact and align the drill bit.
After cutting the legs to length, flatten the ends of the legs two inches, center punch and drill a 7/16 hole in each leg.
4 CONDUCT A CENTER PUNCH TEST on poured concrete walls and slabs before you shoot power fasteners.
If the dovetail blocks are loose use a center punch to peen the dovetail on the receiver to tighten.
Of course, you can make a starter mark in the metal with a center punch.
The dimple serves as a substitute for a center punch mark to prevent wandering when drilling into a curved surface.
Q I always and I really mean always, seem to have a problem getting my center punch to be located exactly where I want it.
You can give the bit an exact starting point using a center punch and a hammer.
power drill), use a center punch and hammer to lightly nick (don't pound hard
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